Terms and Conditions

Video Content Disclaimer:  The content of this video is indicative only and contains images from South Brisbane, South Bank and Brisbane City and amenity surrounding Lucid. Parts of the land surrounding the development shown do not form part of Mirvac's Development Site (External Area). Development of External Areas are not the responsibility of or under the control of Mirvac. The video is not intended to provide specific information or advice. Purchasers must rely on their own enquiries in relation to all matters and this video is not an offer or a contract. 

Views: The video footage has been taken via a drone located on the rooftop of Lucid at approximately level 30 and as such should not be taken as indicative of the view available from any apartment. The apartment shown in this video is located on level 9 and views will vary depending on the apartment level. Purchasers should make their own enquiries of the impact of any proposed surrounding development on any views. Mirvac QLD Pty Ltd expressly disclaims any and all liability relating to, or resulting from, the use of, or reliance on, any information contained in this video by any person.